200m Home Champs Gala 2 Report

Another day, another gala at Adwick and just like last week, we had plenty of thrills and spills in our second 200m Home Champs. As ever, we are so incredibly proud of everyone who stepped up and had a go at the longer distance swim – it is not easy and we know some of you found it a bit tough but you just kept at it and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Just like last week, we had some swimmers who really didn’t want to keep their hats on in a race!
Well done for keeping going girls and a great example of how to just carry on regardless. 😉🙃

Only 2 of our Senior swimmers turned out for the 200m fly this weekend so well done to Oliver Vodden and Hollie Pinder for stepping up to the big one. We want to see more of you having a go at this one next year – if our 10 year olds can do it, we are certain you can. 😊
Thanks to our army of volunteers on poolside who helped us out on the day. Thank you Amanda Dewsnap, Emma Dixon, Rob Randall, Julie Sykes, Brian Bentley, Martin Wilson, Laura Whetton, Emily Cartwright, Cheryl Pinder, Mick Binns, Marta Banas, Stacy Paul and Yvonne Tait.

Thanks to our officials who made sure everything ran smoothly and we adhered to all the rules surrounding galas: Suzanne Vodden, Keith Gilbert, Jason Whetton, Aidan Lancaster, Andrew Hargrave and Carol Shepheard. Thanks also to referee Stuart Walker who stepped up with days to spare to make sure our second gala ran smoothly..
Thank you to Sue Davies for her help on the door and to Jo Savage and Nicky Gallagher for doing the results and to Mel Sugden for his amazing MCing skills.

A 90% PB rate for this gala was pretty impressive. Same time again next year? Go on then!

200m Home Championships Gala 1 Report

47 brave swimmers stepped up to compete in the 200m Home Champs. It’s quite a tough ask, to swim 8 lengths,without stopping, as fast as you can – especially when you have never done it before. Still, like we say, we’re made of tough stuff here at Adwick and every one stepped up to have a go and as already posted in here, we had a whopping 83% PB rate.

Kudos to everyone who swam – really. We were very impressed with every single one of you. Special mention to one of our swimmers from our 1 hour teaching session who stepped up and had a go at the 200m free for the first time.
Now all our swims at these two galas are over 200m but there is one swim that tends to get fewer entries than any of the others. Can you guess which one? 🙃There is something about the words ‘200 metres’ and ‘butterfly’ that when put together makes some swimmers quake in their cossies. To be fair, at least a couple of those swimmers swimming yesterday had their arms twisted a fair bit by coaches who will remain nameless – a couple of swimmers were absolutely up for it and a few thought ‘go on then’ and got stuck in. It takes a lot to do a 200m fly – by length 5 those arms are tired, those legs ache and you’ve still got an awful long way to go. It doesn’t help when your hat comes off halfway through the race and some swimmers equate it to swimming with a fridge on your back. It is TOUGH! Hats off to everyone who had a go at the 200m fly last night. We know quite a few of you got a DQ on this one. It’s all a learning curve so don’t be too disappointed and come back and smash it next year.

As ever, we couldn’t do these things without an army of volunteers, so a big thank you to: Amanda Dewsnap, Emma Dixon, Robert Randall, Chris Vodden, Phil Morris, Martin Wilson, Emily Cartwright, Mick Binns, Kathie Wordsworth, Cheryl Pinder, Mae Bentley, Amelia Wordsworth, Stacy Paul, Julie Sykes and Laura Whetton for running things on poolside.
To our officials: Paul Seaton, Brian Bentley, Carol Shepheard, Louise Hood, Suzanne Vodden and Matthew Harrison for making sure we all abided to the FINA rules and our licensing regulations.
To Marta Banas and Sarah Brewster for doing a cracking job at the medal table 😊
To Jo Savage, Nicky Gallagher, Mel Sugden and Andrew Hargrave for doing the MC’ing, the number crunching and the running.
Same time next Thursday? Go on then!
We’re all Adwick aren’t we? 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️❤️

With thanks to the usual suspects on poolside for the info.

Trio Selected For Swim England Programme

Trio Selected For Swim England Programme

Three of our most talented swimmers; Lucie Savage, Olivia Phelan and Ella Calverley have been chosen  to be part of the Swim England
County Pathway Programme for 2018.

The County Pathway Programme has been developed by the England Programmes Team. Swimmers have been selected as a result of their performances at the Yorkshire Swimming Championships in February 2018. 24 swimmers have been selected (12 Male & 12 Female) all of whom will be 11 years of age at the 31st December 2018. The programme will consist of three one day camps to be held at Ashville College, Green Lane, Harrogate, HG2 9JP, on the 15th April, 8th July & 16th September 2018.

For us, a relatively small town club, having three out of the 12 female swimmers hand picked for these prestigious training camps, is brilliant news.

2018 Team Kit

2018 Team Kit

We have changed our kit suppliers and swimmers can now order direct. To view, go to The Club Shop and use the links OR go direct to the supplier’s site.

Not only do we believe that the 2018 kit represent better value but the fact that swimmers can order 1 at a time will make it easier for everyone at the club.


Leesha on Board

Adwick Amateur Swimming Club member, Leesha Bentley, has been appointed to the Swim England Youth Advisory Panel.

Leesha is one of five young people from across England to be selected this year, and will act as an ambassador for her sport both in her local area, and across the region.

Set up in 2007 and formally called the National Youth Forum, the Youth Advisory Panel is made up of around 10-15 young people aged between 16-25 from all aquatic disciplines, and their feedback and discussions at the quarterly meetings feed directly into the Swim England Volunteer Engagement team.

16-year-old Leesha has been with Adwick ASC for eight years, training for 6 hours and week, swimming in competitive galas across the region and now coaching under 10s on a Friday evening.

Leesha said: “Being part of Swim England, which oversees swimming across the country and helps develop swimmers to compete at international level, is such an honour. I will be doing my best to ensure that Doncaster swimming clubs get their full attention.”

Swim England Sports Development Director George Wood said: “I would like to congratulate Leesha and the other four new members of the Youth Advisory Panel. Ensuring that there are young people engaged with our work is essential as they are the future of our sport at club and community level.

“Including young people in the decision making process helps keep us relevant and allows us to understand the needs of the young people involved in our sports.

“I am sure these new members of the Panel will have lots of great ideas, and the Swim England Team is looking forward to working with them.”

Youth Advisory Panel members are in post for two years, and the Swim England Volunteer Engagement Team uses their skills and expertise to help develop volunteer resources such as the Good Club Guides as well and influence change within the organisation.

Adwick ASC Chairman Mel Sugden added: “On behalf of Adwick I can say we as a club are proud of what Leesha has achieved I am sure she will do a good job and be an asset to Swim England.”


About Adwick ASC
People interested in finding out more about Adwick ASC can visit adwickasc.co.uk or email adwickasc@gmail.com

About Swim England
Formally known as the Amateur Swimming Association, Swim England is the national governing body for swimming in England. It helps people learn how to swim, enjoy the water safely, and compete in all aquatic sports. Swim England’s vision is of a nation swimming and it strives to inspire everyone to enjoy the water in the way that suits them. Each month millions of people are able to enjoy swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming, having been through the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme. Swim England also supports its members, clubs and athletes, and runs qualification and education programmes to develop the workforce. For more information visit swimming.org/swimengland