Another day, another gala at Adwick and just like last week, we had plenty of thrills and spills in our second 200m Home Champs. As ever, we are so incredibly proud of everyone who stepped up and had a go at the longer distance swim – it is not easy and we know some of you found it a bit tough but you just kept at it and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Just like last week, we had some swimmers who really didn’t want to keep their hats on in a race!
Well done for keeping going girls and a great example of how to just carry on regardless. 😉🙃

Only 2 of our Senior swimmers turned out for the 200m fly this weekend so well done to Oliver Vodden and Hollie Pinder for stepping up to the big one. We want to see more of you having a go at this one next year – if our 10 year olds can do it, we are certain you can. 😊
Thanks to our army of volunteers on poolside who helped us out on the day. Thank you Amanda Dewsnap, Emma Dixon, Rob Randall, Julie Sykes, Brian Bentley, Martin Wilson, Laura Whetton, Emily Cartwright, Cheryl Pinder, Mick Binns, Marta Banas, Stacy Paul and Yvonne Tait.

Thanks to our officials who made sure everything ran smoothly and we adhered to all the rules surrounding galas: Suzanne Vodden, Keith Gilbert, Jason Whetton, Aidan Lancaster, Andrew Hargrave and Carol Shepheard. Thanks also to referee Stuart Walker who stepped up with days to spare to make sure our second gala ran smoothly..
Thank you to Sue Davies for her help on the door and to Jo Savage and Nicky Gallagher for doing the results and to Mel Sugden for his amazing MCing skills.

A 90% PB rate for this gala was pretty impressive. Same time again next year? Go on then!

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