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Simply Wow!! Postal Swim 2017

We couldn't be prouder after seeing the results of the 2017 Postal Swim - a one hour full blast freestyle all in the aid of charity.
Of course, we would like to congratulate all of our swimmers for taking part and doing their bit but we have to pay special mention to the kids who came top ten in their age group - and remember this is a UK wide event.

  • Girls' Under 10s - Grace Blair, Isabella Robinson, Claudia Dennis and Jessica Wilkinson all feature but our small club has a #1 in Lucie Savage.
  • Girls 10 - 11 - Scarlett Laver and Cerys Thomas made the top ten.
  • Girls 12 - 13 - Abigail Kelsall was 2nd.
  • Girls Under 14 - 15 - Holly Wheeldon made the top ten but Adwick ASC 'command the rostrum' with the top 3 being Brianna Underwood, Niamh Grafton and Leesha Bentley with Leesha's distance of 4095 metres earning her top spot.

As for the Boys

  • Boys Under 10s - Thomas Wheeldon and Jesse Goodwin made top ten.
  • Boys 10 - 11 - Alexander Francis and Jack Torrington amde top ten with the top boy being Cohen Stephenson with 4060m.
  • Boys 12 -13 - James Robinson finished 6=.
  • Ladies Open - Georgia Stephenson hit 6th.
  • Gents Open - Joshua Appleton and Wesley Johnson.
  • Girls 14 -15 Disabled - Hollie Pinder topped the charts with 3395m.
  • Gents Open Disabled - Braddon Scott #3.

It goes without saying that the team results are covered in Adwick ASC 1st, 2nd or 3rd and we think its fair to say that with 72 swimmers taking part we more than box above our weight. Well done all.
The full results can be seen on the link below.